5 March 2020


Why MBA in Global Management and Leadership?

As the job market gets competitive, opportunities available to potential jobseekers demands qualifications which can distinguish them from the crowd. Getting an MBA is one of the prestigious milestones that anyone can have. Helping them to cut through the noise, an MBA will definitely enable them to deliver more as an employee, or as a manager for the company. 

Most of the B-schools in UAE offer industry specific specializations and helps student to master their domain.

In this article, I would like to touch on a few points about “MBA in Global Management and Leadership” by Swiss School of Management.

This very specialization mainly discusses three topics:

Managing and Leading in Different Countries

With globalization, the whole world is your marketplace. A very good example is how Amazon took advantage of the dotcom boom and became what it is today.

Capturing the rising influence of culture and the seismic changes throughout many regions of the world, this course, over the years, is now covering more than 60 countries and every major region in the world. It continues to break new ground. The 21st century will be crunch time for Western managers in terms of meeting fierce and unrelenting competition (especially from Asia) and in attempting to gain a share of the mammoth markets that rapidly changing demographics will create in India, China, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Brazil (in 2050 their total population will be four and a half billion). One of the goals of this course is to keep pace with these emerging and changing markets.

Individual and Organizational leadership skills

In today’s globalized business world, successful leaders need a global mindset. This course takes the complexity out of leadership and is based on one of the most respected leadership books written which illustrates, through inspiring stories, what research continues to reveal and how leaders understand that leadership is a relationship. Discussions range from the toughest organizational challenges that leaders face today to changes in how people work and what people want from their work. Our goal is to create distinctive managers with a unique leadership-oriented career opportunity.

Managing business Ethics

MBA in Global Management and Leadership is designed to equip students with a pragmatic approach. They need to identify and solve ethical dilemmas, understand their own and others’ ethical behavior, and promote ethical behavior in their organization. We prepare students for a range of roles in the business world across business functions. We assess how a business is doing, and how it should affect our individual and social lives, and ask what role business and its values (could) play in our society as a whole. This course presents the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, and explores its relevance to ethical business activity, as well as considering the moral obligations of businesses to the environment and to people in other countries.