Some least heard yet best MBA programs that you didn’t know existed.

MBA is one of the most popular post-graduation management degrees that scholars keep running after. Whenever you ask someone about MBA, they say it is a two-year post-graduation degree that gives you expertise in fundamental management skills like marketing, finance, accounting, etc., but what no one tells you is that MBA is so much more than that. With the best MBA programs, you have the scope, options, and exciting opportunities discussed in this article. So, keep reading if you want to pursue MBA in Dubai and want to know some unfamiliar specifications available for MBA Dubai that you wish you had known earlier.

Less known specifications for MBA Dubai

These days MBA Dubai is becoming so popular that a whole crowd of students take admission in different institutions to do MBA every year. Due to this, students are often found questioning their choice of whether their decision was correct. That is why this article will highlight some best MBA programs that you didn’t know about.

  • MBA in family business management – When it comes to the best MBA programs, who may not have heard about business management programs, but have you heard of family business management programs? A family business is a traditional business type and holds a substantial fraction of the total economy. This course trains you to survive with your family business in the growing world of the competitive business environment.
  • MBA in tourism and hospitality is one of the most exciting and best MBA programs for a more comprehensive vision as people are spending so much on tourism and travel, which indicates that tourism and hospitality are going to be one of the biggest economic hubs in the coming years, having the best MBA degree with management skills and leadership qualities can open so many doors of opportunities in the coming years.
  • MBA in oil and gas – The oil and gas market is a significant sector contributing to the economy as it is the basic necessity of life. This sector needs trained professionals with marketing and management skills to mark its presence in the competitive economy. This can be the most suitable degree for MBA Dubai as Dubai is a hub of oil export and dealing commercially. You need the proper training to grab the most excellent job opportunities in this field.
  • MBA in media and entertainment – As in other industries, the media industry needs management professionals to manage their marketing and finances. Being one of the best MBA courses, it covers subjects like history, business practices, and emerging trends in Media. Opting for an MBA in media and entertainment gives you massive scope in various media types like radio, films, print media, the internet, etc.
  • MBA in Event management – Youths are crazy about visiting events. Be it a small function or a big concert, and every event needs to be adequately managed to be carried out successfully. The specialized MBA degree in this field trains you to plan, organize, budget, market, coordinate, and execute huge events. This course is the best MBA you can do if you look for artistic satisfaction for your creative trait.


When it comes to rare MBA programs, some best MBA courses, such as wine management, football industries, and sports management, are explicitly offered by some particular universities. But if we talk in general, there are many more exciting programs like MBA in real estate, criminal justice, knowledge management, etc. These courses are aimed at a far vision and will be the centre of the economy in the coming years.

There are no limitations to your dreams, and hence you need a little research and investigation to find out that perfect opportunity for yourself. The world out there possesses everything you can ask for; you need to step out and explore.

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