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“My name is Omotayo Silva, I have completed my MBA in IT from Singhania University with the support of Learners University College. LUC supported me, helped me through the course of this MBA programme. They were there always to support and the staff at LUC are really helpful. Any time I need help I can easily call or email them. Thank you so much Learners University College.”

Omotayo Silva

MBA – IT Student

“Hi, I am Randy Cocjin, I have been working in Dubai for the past 7 years as a site engineer. I have chosen Learners University College to pursue my EMBA because I believe they have all the facilities. All their trainers are very supportive. And now, am graduating with an Executive MBA in project management. Learners University College, you are number 1.”

Randy Cocjin

EMBA Operations Management Student

Hi guys, my name is Shawn Barry Bakare, a graduate of BBA business management from Singhania University. I did my programme through Learners University College. They were so supportive, they were there for me from day one. I have been in Dubai for 3 years now and I am so grateful for this opportunity, I am so glad I am graduating. I have been looking forward to this day. I want to say a big big thank you to LUC for all their support. Thank you.

Shawn Barry Bakare

Bachelor of Business Administration Student

Hello everyone my name is Laynas. I am from a property management field, been working for 4 years for a renowned property management company in Dubai. Working for the last 4 years I came to learn that it was the next step for me to advance my learning knowledge in terms of operations, How do we handle, where I had to choose something special in terms of operations. Researching through that I came to know that, Learners’ education where they are also giving a specialization for Operations in Masters of Business Administration. which really was a hitting category for me. I was like thing is something I was really looking forward to which I can actually advance my carrier. Going forward I had a quite bit of research because my major concern was into property management time was very much scrutinized for us and apart from that, I need to be a more flexible education platform. Having a mix and match of this I thought ok why not go ahead with it. Because I find it the trainers are much flexible in terms of giving me the knowledge and giving us the modules. Secondly, the payment plans were also more flexible for someone like me who is looking into property most of it the time. So among all these 3 I choose Learners education to go ahead with it and end of the day I would love to say that you know it was a beautiful journey, one and half years was a beautiful journey for us. Learned a lot, did a lot of assignments and the assignments was really an eye-opening platform for us. Where we really learned how critical it was to handle certain documentation, especially in operations management. I would advise anybody who is joining learners is that if you are looking for something which is more in to flexibility of time more flexible teachers were ready to help you and guide you through any particular time without any guidelines and time boundaries I would definitely recommend you to join Learners Education. And I hope you guys will have a wonderful journey like us. Thank You so much.

Laynas Abdul Lathif

EMBA Operations Management Student

Hi guys, this is Kenz Myrel Hernandez. I am currently working in Dubai as an aesthetics specialist for 7 years. I am enrolled in Learners University College for Masters in Business Administration with a specialization in Leadership and Entrepreneurship. With the help and support of the academic staff and student support, I am assured that I will be finishing the programme with flying colours. If you guys are looking for a place where it will build you professionally and personally, and develop you to give a wider horizon, LUC is the best place.

Kenz Myrel Hernandez

MBA student

Hi, This is SANDEEP SALDANHA hailing from the southern part of India, Mangalore to be precise. Been in Dubai, UAE for almost now 8 years. My highest education was just the bachelors. I thought it was enough when I came to UAE because here bachelors degree suffices for more than enough but then going forward to advance my career I was always looking for an MBA and I got an opportunity through Learners University. And the university I choose was Singhania University and it has been a pleasant experience learning one, I have been very helped by the staff and the faculty of the university and more than that the employees of the Learners University here in UAE who have helped me through the process of education, assignments and the examination part of it. And today being the graduation I couldn’t ask for more than this certification ..Well..this is it. Thank you.


MBA student

Hi everyone, my name is Rajpal Singh Gill, I am from Punjab India. I came to UAE in the year 2018. I had a dream to study abroad. This dream only came true when Mr KC introduced me to Learners University College and this was a great opportunity. When you study abroad, you develop new perspectives. I recommend Learners University College to everyone who wishes to study in UAE

Rajpal Singh Gill

BSC student

Hi, I am Lamia Morchid from Morocco, I would like to thank Learners University College for all the support they provided to me during my 3 years preparing for my bachelor of business administration. Thank you Learners University College and Singhania University for all the support.

Lamia Morchid

BBA student

“My name is Alina and I am a proud graduate of the Swiss School of Management. I never thought I could do it because being the director of marketing and sales in hospitality my job takes a lot of travel, plus I am a full-time mom, so I never thought I could finish and accomplish what I did. But with the persistence and professionalism of the Swiss School of Management and Learners University College, I did it. So all you can do is believe in yourself and the Swiss of Management will help you achieve.”

Alina Romanyuk, MBA

Alumni Swiss School of Management

Hear from our students about their experiences with Learners Education UAE. Meet Jacquiline, who got 11 years of experience in digital marketing. She joined Learners with a goal, and she achieved it with her graduation in business administration. Her story is truly an inspiration.


BBA Student

I would like to recommend Learners Education Institution for the people who looking for higher education. I have completed my BBA from Swiss School of Management and Learners Education UAE has guided me all the way till the completion and further till certificate attestation. The staff is really professional ,very friendly and helpful in all the situation from beginning till the end of the course. A ‘special Thank’ should go to ‘Mr KC’ and Mr Eashwar.

Dilhani Paranayapa

BBA Student

“Hi, this is Zubaid Faqiri. I am working as an operational support officer for the people of Dubai customs. I am a fresh MBA graduate of the Swiss school of management. I want to thank my professors at the Swiss School of Management and LUC who paved the ground to do this. At the time as we are aware of this pandemic which is taking all over the world; still, Learners and the Swiss School of Management have to arrange everything for all the students to do the classes online. I still remember the days that we use to come and take the classes on-site here in Dubai but by sort of COVID-19, it was difficult to even still they didn’t stop our classes. So we had everything with the best quality possible in the world online to take all the classes and I am really thankful to be part of the Swiss School of Management family and I feel proud to be graduated from SSM. Last through this video I want to thank everyone for starting from the Swiss School of Management, Learners University College, the coordinators, and my professor, thank you very much. ”

Zubaid Faqiri

Alumni Swiss School of Management

Hi, my name is Zainab, I am a BBA student at SSM through Learners University College. I have studied tourism management in Turkey. After that, I felt like I need to learn more. So I decided to study BBA at SSM. To make my business plan a reality, which is also highly technological and advanced. SSM gave me the opportunity to achieve this idea by making it a business plan for my BBA programme. My advice to anyone who wishes to achieve their goals and to be successful in life is to believe in yourself and make attempt

Zainab Kareem Hatem Al-Sharees

BBA student

Hi, I am Madiha Noman, I have done MBA in Marketing from the Swiss School of Management. I am really glad to be a part of SSM. I really want to appreciate the efforts of Learners University College, which has managed to bring SSM to Dubai.

The course outline of SSM is really well planned and the professors are really professional, they not only give a theoretical base but give you practical knowledge about subjects. The classes are very interactive. I really recommend the Swiss School of Management and Learners University College to anyone who wanted to have growth in their career.

Madiha Noman

Alumni Swiss School of Management

I am Mohammed Rahil Khan, I am working as an operational manager in a reputed organization. I have completed my BBA from the Swiss School of Management through Learners Education. They have given me a good platform to become an expert in my field of interest. The most important thing I have learned during this course is time management, it’s the key to success. Once again thank you Learners.

Mohammed Rahil Khan

BBA Student

Hi, my name is Junnie Marfe Daguing. I have just recently completed my MBA from the Swiss School of Management partners of Learners University College. It was a very fruitful journey throughout my MBA program. I thank all my fantastic professors, school faculty who help us to finish this journey. We thank you for all your passion to inspire us, guiding us, leading us, and teaching us to become good leaders.

Junnie Marfe Daguing

MBA Student

“Hi my name is Shibit, I am working as a sales consultant in a construction equipment trading company in Abu Dhabi. I have done my bachelors degree from the Swiss School of Management through Learners University College. I highly recommend Learners University for people who are looking for higher studies. ”

Shibith Aslam

BBA Student

“As-salamu alaykum. I am glad to have completed my BBA degree from the Swiss School of Management through Learners UAE. I want to thank the faculties of Leaners Education UAE for their support and guidance throughout the degree program”

Fatima Farzeen

BBA Student

“I am extremely delighted in having completed my BBA degree from the Swiss School of Management Dubai. The faculties were top notch and they helped me to gain a real-world perspective. Course mentors were really helpful, especially at the time of assignment and research works. I really appreciate their help in research guidance and assignment support. I am so happy to get my degree today. This is really a great experience”

Muhammad Shadab

BBA Student

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