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Singhania University

Credit Value

180 ECT


15 – 18 Months

Study Mode



17 Modules+Business Plan


Assignment Based

Course Overview

An MBA in Healthcare Management aims to provide a deep understanding of the healthcare system and its working across the globe. It enables the student in acquiring skills that are important for handling health care businesses and associated practices. The program not only makes the student aware of the healthcare world but also helps them develop top managerial skills, communication skills and business ethics in order to professionally deal with every other official aspects related to healthcare system. Various assessments are provided to students to oversee operations and services that are offered in healthcare facilities. Many subjects under the program are designed in a way to teach students in dealing with healthcare economy-related complications and how to respond to them with expertise. The faculty members leave no stone unturned in ensuring that each and every student is made ready for the job market by conducting various industry simulation assignments.

This course promises to bring out the best administrators in the healthcare industry who are specifically trained to acknowledge every complex issue in the medical field with specialised knowledge and care. Various job opportunities are brought down to students pursuing MBA in Healthcare Management. A majority of them are offered top executive roles namely, Hospital administrator, Medical Director, Healthcare Finance Operations Manager, Clinical Operations Manager and so on. MBA in Healthcare Management course program is an ideal choice for students who wish to have a great career in the healthcare business world.

Who should attend?

The following particular group of students is eligible to attend the MBA in healthcare Management program.

  • MBA in Healthcare is an ideal choice for those individuals who want a rewarding career in the healthcare industry.
  • This course will provide a better job outlook for healthcare professionals in the long span of time.
  •  It will also help those candidates who want to explore other areas of the pharmaceutical business and which will further help them build a strong professional network.
  • Hospital Assistants, Clinical staff, Nurses and other healthcare workers can also attend this program to get exposure and earn a potential income in the future.

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The MBA Program can be completed within 4 academic terms which equals a full academic year.

  1. Candidates seeking admission to the MBA program should hold a Bachelor’s degree or relevant Undergraduate degree.
  2. All MBA candidates must have a sound command of the English language; both spoken and written.
  3. Work-Experience of three-years is mandatory OR Candidates without Bachelors degree, with managerial designation & work experience, with 2 letters of recommendation can apply for acceptance into the MBA program
  4. The final decision concerning the acceptance in the MBA degree program rests with Singhania University.

The MBA program can be completed within 12 months. Each course is conveniently scheduled every weekend, 4 classes a month. The last course is a capstone thesis project which we allow 3 months from end of the last class to complete.

AED 30,000

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