Awarded By

Singhania University

Credit Value

180 ECT


15 – 18 Months

Study Mode



17 Modules+Business Plan


Assignment Based

Course Overview

In Dubai, UAE, the Learners University College is offering this remarkable program through the Singhania University to students who have an interest in working in the IT sector. The course provides them insights into the networking, network security system, communication, database management, and Information technology systems of different organizations and workforce. The course is formulated keeping in mind the need of the industry and the need to handle bulk data that is produced in an organization throughout the year.

The qualified staff and well-established trainers aim at producing graduates who have been exposed to the experience of digitalization and technology through effective training and guidance. They also prepare them to address the information processing requirements of every organization and company in the IT sector. The faculty  also ensures the professional development of students and their skills through advanced training and teaching in information technology and professional guidance through experienced managers and experts.

With the passage of time, B.Sc. IT graduates become skilled workers who develop great analytical and logical thinking abilities with a strong strategy and plans to solve real-time problems in different organizations in the IT field. They acquire enough knowledge to identify the complications in the IT infrastructure, analyze them and also find solutions for the same. After graduation from this field, the student might get wonderful placement opportunities with job roles like Web Designer, Software Developer, Quality Assurance Analyst, Systems Analyst, Technology Engineer, Technical Consultant, etc, with a considerable salary package.

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The MBA Program can be completed within 4 academic terms which equals a full academic year.

  1. Candidates seeking admission to the MBA program should hold a Bachelor’s degree or relevant Undergraduate degree.
  2. All MBA candidates must have a sound command of the English language; both spoken and written.
  3. Work-Experience of three-years is mandatory OR Candidates without Bachelors degree, with managerial designation & work experience, with 2 letters of recommendation can apply for acceptance into the MBA program
  4. The final decision concerning the acceptance in the MBA degree program rests with Singhania University.

The MBA program can be completed within 12 months. Each course is conveniently scheduled every weekend, 4 classes a month. The last course is a capstone thesis project which we allow 3 months from end of the last class to complete.

AED 13,500

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