6 October 2021


Learn While You Earn – Join the 1 Year MBA Program

The contemporary world of dynamic business evolution demands highly competent business people and entrepreneurs to confront the hurdles of competition and survival. Therefore, the employees must be well-equipped with relevant knowledge and hands-on experience to solve organizational issues. This has laid a pathway for the candidates to join a post-graduation degree program after completing their Bachelor’s degree. Enrolling in a 1 year MBA program is highly beneficial for working professionals as it helps them discover professional and management roles. Let us learn more about the 1 year MBA for working professionals.

Different Types of MBA Programs for Working Professionals:

Let us have a quick look at the different types of MBA programs specially designed for working professionals.

Brief Overview of Executive MBA:

Experienced and skilled professionals in multiple fields are trained to sharpen their skills and gain enhanced experience and career potential while working on their leadership and other interpersonal skills. In addition, the multicultural nature renders an international understanding of management for the candidates taking up this MBA Program.

More about 1 year MBA for Working Professionals:

Aspirants who aim to acquire their master’s degree within a short period are recommended to join the 1 year MBA program. The course content is accelerated so that the working professionals learn the entire curriculum within a year. In addition, several national and international management institutions and business schools offer top-rated 1 year MBA for working professionals to help them uplift their careers.

Why MBA for Working Professionals?

If you wonder why a master’s degree is required while I am already earning, please read the section. There are several benefits of pursuing an MBA for a working professional. Read them below:

  • A master’s degree will undoubtedly broaden the candidate’s career prospects and assures enduring career growth.
  • The candidate will be prone to new expertise in his specialization.
  • Candidate’s overall personality is enhanced, and the candidate is more exposed to practical learning opportunities through an MBA program.
  • One year and online MBA programs help the candidates acquire a degree without hampering their current profession. So, it is an opportunity for the aspirants to save their money and time.

Advantages and Limitations of 1 Year MBA Program:


  • A one-year MBA program gives you the outcome of your efforts at the earliest. Candidates with high career aspirations and the intention to shine in the competitive business world as early as possible must opt for this program.
  • 1 year MBA program also lowers your financial costs, expenditure, and in turn, the cost of living.
  • A more expansive growth may be expected in your career within a short period compared to the two-year MBA Programs.
  • While you enroll for the one-year MBA for working professionals, you save 365 days of your precious life. The saved time can be utilized for accomplishing an outstanding career.


  • Candidates choosing two years MBA programs will get more time and opportunities to try new ways of learning and implementing concepts.
  • The one-year MBA program offers less time flexibility for the candidates to gain in-depth expertise and implement their learning.

Other Aspects of 1 Year MBA Program:

  • The 1 year MBA program helps you better utilize time, no matter if you would like to acquire a career in the best corporate firm or you want to make a profit in a single year.
  • 1 year MBA for working professionals is the best option for entry-level consultant positions, fast-track management programs, and other graduate jobs in industries.
  • Several online MBA programs of 1 year are rigorous and specifically designed for working professionals, while some of them are designed for full-time students. It is suggested that the candidates reconfirm their requirements before they enroll in the program.

A candidate should be well aware of his preferences, schedules, and future goals while choosing the best MBA program for himself. Candidates should also consider the fact that they get more exposure to non-academic and social events in a two-year MBA program in addition to the summer internship. This feature is not available in a one-year MBA program.