Masters in Business Administration (MBA), is the most in-demand postgraduate course. One needs to know where their career can take them after MBA. No matter what stream, every graduate now chooses an MBA Dubai as their post-graduation. The only reason the number of career opportunities after the Best MBA program has risen tenfold is this fact. MBA Dubai graduates are now being hired by high-end multinational corporations immediately. They also receive attractive and lucrative packages that include a lot of perks. An MBA can help you build a successful business, provide career opportunities, and ensure you a safe and secured future. Best MBA degrees are not as restrictive as other courses and offer many options. MBA is a business-related professional degree that opens up many job opportunities. It’s important to consider all aspects of each field before making a final decision.

The benefits of studying MBA

Students who pursue best MBA are able to learn the skills required to start a business or become entrepreneurs. Let’s take a look at some prime benefits of obtaining an MBA degree:

* It enhances your knowledge in a specific sectors such as management, finance, accounting, and human resources.

* Allows you to get a better understanding of the market and opens up many foreign job opportunities that offer great benefits and higher  salaries.

* Best MBA guarantees a career that is both challenging and rewarding, as well as helps in increasing your brand’s value.

Career opportunities after an MBA in Marketing

A career in Marketing is a promising option for students who are interested in a marketing career. The Best MBA in Marketing covers all aspects of marketing.

  • This field covers everything from sales management and executive leadership to brand marketing, market research, customer behavior, product management, and promotion.
  • This degree will make you the best candidate for leadership and executive positions. This course covers core topics such as accounting, advertising, product quality control, consumer behavior, and human resources.

Best MBA in Marketing could help you get fat pay packages and prime positions like Business Development,  Logistics Head, Brand Manager, Market Search Analyst, Customer Relationship Marketing, and many more.

Your potential to earn:

Marketing managers are paid a substantial salary. It can be estimated that a marketing manager with an MBA Dubai can earn between 17500 AED and 99800 AED per year, depending on their position, company experience, and work experience.

Career opportunities after an MBA in Finance

A finance MBA Dubai is the most stable and profitable career choice.

  • This course is focused on managing, planning, and organizing financial assets. This degree allows you to specialize in international finance policies, investment management, taxation, wealth management, and accounting.
  • Finance professionals analyze and balance risk and profitability, evaluate company reports, and suggest improvements. They also take the necessary steps to maximize stock value, manage investment portfolios and make sound financial management decisions. This course requires a solid grasp of mathematics and accounting.

An MBA in Finance could help you get fat pay packages like Accountant, Investment Manager, Treasurer, Financial Analyst, Sales and Trade, Hedge Fund Management and many more such options.

Earning potential:

According to an estimate the average salary for someone looking for a job in finance after a MBA Dubai is 6200 AED per year. You can make up to AED 1,49,000 per year if you are a graduate of a top B-School. You can earn as much as AED 2,49,500 an year in this industry with promotions and more work experience.


It is a good idea to consider all aspects before choosing an area of specialization in MBA. Although it sounds fascinating, a career in MBA can bring with it many hardships and tough competition. An MBA degree will enhance your career prospects and provide you with lucrative job opportunities and high earning potentials.

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