10 June 2022


Career opportunities after graduating with an MBA in Marketing?

An MBA in Marketing is one of the most popular courses in Management studies. Marketing is an integral part of any organisation. It can be your gateway to various job opportunities in both public and private sectors globally.

Here are some broad categories after an MBA in Marketing:

Brand Manager

Brand Management is a key component of Marketing. It is the process of carrying out the planning strategy of how a brand will be perceived in the market. Brand management is the combination of – segmentation of the target audience and the company.

 A brand manager acts as a mediator and maintains a good relationship between customers and the brand. A brand manager uses different kinds of strategies like brand promotions, collective data, behavioural studies to enhance the quality of the brand. 

Key Responsibilities are :

  • Manages a team of marketing people who work on brand initiatives
  • Developing custom marketing and advertising strategies 
  • Creating designs/layouts of media outlets
  • Writing pitches and blog posts to various audiences
  • making decisions about the cost associated with branding
  • Oversees any new and ongoing marketing and advertising activities
  • Aligns the brand campaigns around the brand’s direction and tactics
  • Works on measuring and reporting performance of all marketing campaigns, and assess ROI and KPIs
  • Analyze brand positioning and consumer insights

Students looking for job opportunities after MBA in Marketing can consider Brand Management as an effective career option.

The average salary for a Brand Manager is AED 28,000 (as per Hays GCC Salary Guide 2022).

A Product Marketing Manager

Product management is an integral part of Marketing. It is an organisational process within the company which involves planning, production and reviewing a product, among others.
Essentially, product management (led by a Product Manager) must understand users’ needs, identify opportunities, and direct the creation (and improvement of) products that solve for users.

A Product Marketing Manager is responsible for delivering the knowledge, tools, collateral, and programs that enable effective marketing and selling of a product.

Key responsibilities are

  • Develop positioning and messaging to differentiate products in the market 
  • Communicate the proposition to Sales (i.e. why customers should buy) 
  • Create and manage programs to generate demand for the product 
  • Develop the collateral and sales tools that support the selling process 
  • Be an expert on the market including who the buyers are, how they buy and why 

An MBA is a right suited degree for this post as this job requires great management skills. Thus, students looking for job opportunities after MBA in Marketing can consider Product management as a great career option.

The average salary for a Product Manager is is AED 32,500 (as per Hays GCC Salary Guide 2022).

Sales Manager

Sales managers are responsible for leading sales teams to reach sales targets. Sales managers are primarily tasked with hiring and training team members, setting quotas, evaluating and adjusting performance, and developing processes that drive sales. This job generally involves a fair bit of travelling.

  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the sales team and manage the sales program accordingly
  • Monitor the program on 500+ accounts across all domestic sales channels and pinpoint ways to penetrate new markets
  • Provide on-the-ground support for sales associates as they generate leads and close new deals
  • Meet with customers to discuss their evolving needs and to assess the quality of our company’s relationship with them
  • Develop and implement new sales initiatives, strategies and programs to capture key demographics
  • Provide daily report of field sales success and communicate data to superiors

Students looking for job opportunities after MBA in Marketing can consider a career in Sales as an effective career option.

The average salary for a Sales Manager is is AED 20,000 (as per Hays GCC Salary Guide 2022).

Digital Marketing Manager

For every company’s website, there is a constant demand to consistently increase internet traffic. An MBA in Marketing can help you explore digital marketing at the management level. There is a constant need to develop, implement and manage digital marketing campaigns that help in promoting the brand and the products.

Key Responsibilities are : 

  • Digital Marketing Managers play a major role in enhancing brand awareness on the internet platform. 
  • As a Digital Marketing Manager, you will be using different digital technologies such as SEO, SEM, content analysis to help expand the business of the company. 
  • Manager is responsible for managing the brand’s paid campaigns on search engines. This also includes handling display ads on Google. 
  • manager also works on managing everything related to these brand campaigns, including strategy, budget, execution, and more.to 
  • administer social media accounts across all channels such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook. The prime responsibility is to come up with eye-catching and engaging text copies that go along with visual designs, including video, images, infographics, gifs and more, to increase engagement and followers on the social media platforms.
  • Designing, building and maintaining social media presence of brands
  • Measuring and reporting the performance of campaigns
  • Identifying insights and trends along with optimizing the brand campaigns based on the same insights
  • Brainstorming creative and new growth strategies
  • Work with various content formats such as blogs, videos, audio podcasts, etc.
  • Track the website traffic flow
  • Implement and analyze performance metrics
  • Measure and assess goals vis-à-vis ROI
  • Device experiments and conversion tests
  • Provide internal reports on a regular basis
  • Execute new and creative collaborations among technologies and platforms

Students looking for job opportunities after MBA in Marketing can consider Digital Marketing as an effective career option.

The average salary for a Digital Marketing Manager is is AED 30,000 (as per Hays GCC Salary Guide 2022).

Public Relations Manager

A Public Relations Manager is a professional who is in charge of managing an organization’s communication initiatives with media personnel.
Regularly analysing and reporting on media coverage is another key part of the job. You will cultivate relationships with influential print, digital and broadcast journalists or thought leaders within your sector.

Key Responsibilities are :  

  • Coordinating all public relations activities
  • Developing a marketing communications plan including strategy, goals, budget and tactics
  • Developing a media relations strategy, seeking high-level placements in print, broadcast and online media
  • You will write or approve media releases and other press materials. You will write or approve digital content for your organisation’s social media outlets, such as regular posts, blogs or tweets.
  • You will brief spokespeople within your organisation on communicating with the media. You will, if your organisation is modest in size, be the first point of contact for media inquiries, or, if the organisation is larger, manage press officers who are. You will directly handle the PR response to ‘crisis’ situations.
  • You may organise promotional events such as press conferences or open days and supervise film or multi-media productions about your organisation.

This field is an exciting career option for students looking for job opportunities after MBA in Marketing

The average salary for a PR/Media Relations Manager is AED 40,000 (as per Hays GCC Salary Guide 2022).

Advertising Manager

Advertising managers direct a company’s advertising activities and staff members to develop creative, consistent brand-specific ad campaigns. They supervise and work with other employees, establish project goals, and monitor, approve, and evaluate a project’s status and impact

Key Responsibilities are : 

  • Hire and train creative talent for advertising department
  • Placed advertisements in appropriate media, including television and online
  • Measure the results of advertising campaigns to determine their effectiveness and cost-benefit ratio
  • Reach out to departmental managers to gain key insights into advertising possibilities
  • Identify decision-makers at specific mediums and build relationships with them
  • Review and approve all advertising media for print or web
  • Continue your education in digital advertising and identify new strategies and tactics to maximize brand visibility
  • Collect all artwork on time and approve for publication

Advertising is a creative and exciting job opportunity after an MBA in Marketing.

The average Advertising Manager/Account Manager salary is is AED 25,000 (as per Hays GCC Salary Guide 2022).

Client relationship manager

The person maintains an ongoing level of engagement with key customers. Customer relationship managers build trusting relationships with clients and protect the brand by maintaining a positive image.

Key Responsibilities are :

  • The client relations manager may service the client’s account, make recommendations for service plans, track metrics and analytics or otherwise serve as an intermediary between the customer and the company.

The role of client relations manager varies based on industry. 

For example, a client relations manager for an advertising agency might present a marketing plan, outline the approach and act as the go-between, providing an overview of options for branding, advertising or community outreach, taking the customer’s feedback to the agency and helping refine services to meet the client’s needs. 

In the banking industry, a client relations manager for a commercial customer might offer advice for various financial products and services, personally handle business transactions and arrange for loan servicing as needed. 

In the retail industry, a client relations manager would likely be a vendor representative, making product recommendations to the client, providing guidance on merchandising and promotional avenues.

  • Manage a staff of Client Services Representatives.
  • Enlist support from the marketing team to reach new clients.
  • Create and maintain a client communication platform.
  • Promote cross-departmental communication

Students looking for job opportunities after MBA in Marketing can consider Client Servicing or Customer Relationship Management as an effective career option.

The average salary is is AED 20,000 (as per Hays GCC Salary Guide 2022).

Business Development Manager

A business development manager is concerned with the growth and development of an organisation. They work towards identifying new business opportunities that can help in growing revenues and improve the profitability of the organisation. As a business development manager, you will carefully strategize and plan the positioning in appropriate areas, enhance operations of the business or work towards improving the reputation of the brand. Your responsibilities typically involve working with numerous areas of the business.

Key Responsibilities are: 

  • Identifying new markets for growth, trends, customers, partnerships, products and services – or new ways of reaching existing markets
  • Foster and develop a good relationship with customers/clients
  • Inculcate strategic thinking – seeing the bigger picture and setting objectives to develop and improve the business
  • A good understanding of the businesses’ products or services 
  • Discuss the promotional strategy and activities with the marketing department
  • Seek creative ways of improving the way the business operates
  • Keep abreast of trends and changes in the business world

Students looking for job opportunities after MBA in Marketing can consider Business Development as an effective career option.

The average salary is is AED 25,000 (as per Hays GCC Salary Guide 2022).